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Welcome to Seng Coffee Bar, your go-to modern local coffee bar, serving up specialty and artisan coffee. Located near Kembangan MRT, our cafe beckons you to embark on a culinary journey that blends age-old traditions and modern flavours. We cater to your taste buds around the clock, offering a delightful array of options from breakfast to brunch, dinner and dessert.

Seng Coffee Bar East Side Cafe ambiance

Selection of Brunch & Dinner in the East

Explore a unique fusion of Western favourites intertwined with nostalgic Hainanese flavours, guaranteed to tantalise your palate.

Brighten your mornings with savoury offerings like Ngoh Hiang Pork Burger or Crab Meat Eggs Benedict. Hungry for more? Explore our full breakfast and brunch menu for a delightful start to your day.

Savour the rich notes of our Fried Cod Fish Burger, brave the fiery delight of Creamy Crab Tom Yum Explosion, or relish the classic charm of Vongole Pasta. Ready to dine? Browse through our full dinner menu and treat yourself to a symphony of old and new flavours.

Our Specialty Coffee in Singapore

In the vibrant cafe landscape of Singapore, Seng Coffee Bar stands out as a cafe in the East with its top-tier specialty coffee. Each cup is a harmonious blend of local craftsmanship and passion, crafting a distinct flavour profile that guarantees excellence and unparalleled quality.

Treat yourself to our specialty coffee blend that’s poised to elevate your caffeine experience. Crafted with meticulous care, our medium roast Arabica beans promise a journey of taste that captures the essence of artisan coffee. Enjoy the subtle notes of top-grade beans handpicked for quality and roasted expertly to perfection.

As you savour our cafe’s signature blend, you’ll uncover a hint of delightful surprise that’s tailored to enchant even the most discerning coffee enthusiast in Singapore. There’s no need to venture beyond Kembangan to find your perfect brew – here at Seng Coffee Bar, we promise a coffee experience that’s nothing short of the best.

Indulge in the exceptional taste of our top-grade artisan coffee beans, sourced from a local roastery dedicated to delivering the best to cafes and their customers in Singapore. With a wealth of experience, our partner roastery has cultivated its expertise over time, becoming a trusted name in the industry. Their commitment to quality is evident in every batch of beans they produce. Their specialty beans have found a home here and ventured to various places, reaching beyond borders. A testament to their commitment to quality, their unique approach to preserving the beans’ freshness ensures that each cup served at our coffee bar stands among the best.

At Seng Coffee Bar, our commitment to offering the best coffee in Singapore shines through in every specialty brew we serve. We champion the ristretto method, extracting a shorter, more concentrated shot to provide a smoother flavour free of bitter undertones. Additionally, for those who prefer their brew a tad lighter, our best-in-class V60 pour-over technique allows for a clearer taste profile, capturing the essence of the coffee bean in every drop. With every cup we serve, we’re not just offering coffee; we invite you to indulge in a top-notch coffee experience that lingers long after the last sip.

About Us

Our cafe journey began with a simple idea shared between a father and daughter – the dream of creating a space where exceptional coffee, delectable cuisine, and cherished moments could harmoniously intertwine. This humble vision blossomed into the heartwarming establishment you find today, offering hearty brunches in the East. The name "Seng Coffee Bar" not only pays tribute to our family heritage but also resonates deeply with Singapore's rich tapestry of unity and tradition.

Immerse yourself in our fusion food menu, which is meticulously crafted from fresh, locally-sourced produce that pays homage to Singapore's culinary diversity. Here, the aroma of specialty coffee mingles with the comforting hum of conversations from family and friends. Savour familiar favourites in an inviting haven where old and new converge, echoing the charm of a 70s local coffee house infused with contemporary flair.

Your Neighbourhood Coffee Place

Nestled near Kembangan MRT Exit A, our coffee cafe is effortlessly convenient to visit. Unwind at the scenic East Coast Park and Siglap Park Connector, explore the charming allure of Joo Chiat or immerse in the serene beauty of Bedok Reservoir, before dropping by our cafe for breakfast or dinner in the East of Singapore – it’s your perfect pitstop. 

A Culinary Haven in the East

"Hidden gem in the East set up by a father-daughter duo, serving up cafe favourites and casual dining that combines fresh produce and great flavours in Singapore. Indulge in a delectable dinner and dessert menu, complete with a selection of wines and drinks."

“With an infusion of popular Asian flavours, there was a nice twist on classic brunch favourites, setting them apart from other brunch cafes. Our favourite was definitely the Pork Belly Risotto.”

“If a minimalistic cafe serving local delights with a twist sounds right up your alley, you’ve got to drop by Seng House. Menu standouts include the Seng Breakfast Club and the Donut Kiap. It even has an alfresco corner that’s pet-friendly!” - Honeycombers Singapore

‘If you’re looking to go on a journey to the East for café hopping — Seng Coffee Bar should definitely be on your list. The interesting food options and instagrammable lava cakes will surely appeal to all café hoppers.’ - Confirm Good

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We’re in Kembangan

Located in the central part of the East. Get to Seng Coffee Bar easily by bus or train

389 Changi Rd, Singapore 419838

Getting here:

5 mins walk from Kembangan MRT Exit A


Opp Hong San Si Tp

2 2A 7 24 25 26
28 30 33 67 854  

Aft Changi Rd

33 33B

Bef Lor 110 Changi

2 7 24 25 26 28
30 33 33B 67 654