Breakfast and Brunch in Kembangan

At Seng Coffee Bar, we believe that breakfast is the foundation of your day and brunch is the celebration of it. For those on the hunt for a delectable brunch place in the East, our menu boasts a blend of classic and innovative dishes that’ll brighten up your mornings. Start your day right with our range of energising breakfast offerings, from our hearty Breakfast Feast to our Singapore-inspired Ngoh Hiang Pork Burger, a harmonious blend of East meets West. Browse through our day menu now!

breakfast & brunch in the east

All Day Breakfast Menu

Available till 5pm

Small Breakfast
Sourdough with grilled vine cherry tomatoes & choice of eggs*
*Sunny-side-up / scrambled / omelette / poached

Breakfast Feast
Sourdough with grilled bacon, grilled cheese sausage, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed baby spinach, grilled vine cherry tomatoes, guacamole & choice of eggs*
*Sunny-side-up / scrambled / omelette / poached

Grilled Four-Cheese Toast
Sourdough with emmental, cheddar, feta & parmesan

Ngoh Hiang Pork Burger
Ngoh Hiang pork patty with scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato, wild rocket & homemade calamansi mayo, served with homemade chilli

Crab Meat Eggs Benedict
English muffin with crab meat* poached egg, ikura, topped with Chef Chua’s hollandaise sauce
*Choice of smoked salmon option available



Mint chocolate
Matcha latte
Hōjicha latte
Rose latte

Secret White (220ml)
Cold brew coffee
Tasting notes: chocolate, hazelnut & caramel

Black Panther (220ml)
Black cold brew coffee
Tasting notes: strawberry ice cream, raspberry & chocolate brownie

Secret Mocha (220ml)
Cold brew coffee
Tasting notes: white chocolate, hazelnut & oat milk

Chamomile Lavender
Fragrant infusion of golden chamomile flowers, lavender & marigold

Lychee Kris Grey
Black tea, green tea, blue cornflowers, blue pea flowers, bergamot, lychee flavouring & silver dust

Muscat Blanc
White tea, black tea, rose hips &dried grapes

Peach Blossom
Green tea, floral blend of japanese sencha & rose petals

Summer Set
Black tea, sunflower petals, with tasting notes of papaya, pineapple & passionfruit

Peary Good
Japanese sencha, marigold petals, peach blossoms, natural pear, apple & honey

Pomme Verte
Apple pieces, apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves & honey

Strawberry Moon
Strawberry, sparkling & floral cold brew coffee

Pinky Aloha
Guava, tea shaken with orange peels & jelly cubes


The Sunset
carrot, orange & passionfruit

FAQ About Seng Coffee Bar Breakfast & Brunch

Absolutely! Seng Coffee Bar offers a luxurious expanse of alfresco seating, perfect for savouring breakfast amidst the gentle morning breeze or enjoying a memorable dinner in the East. More than just a comfortable dining area, our outdoor place doubles as an Instagram-worthy backdrop, amplifying the charm of your brunch dining experience in Singapore’s East side.

Our cafe comfortably accommodates large group of people. However, for gatherings exceeding more than 20 people, we advise contacting us beforehand. This proactive approach allows us to tailor our space and services, guaranteeing that every guest enjoys an impeccable and memorable experience at our establishment.

While we do accept walk-ins, we recommend making a reservation, especially during peak hours and weekends. This ensures that you have a seamless experience and don’t have to wait. For those keen on savouring some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes, our cafe stands out among the prominent brunch places in the east. Making a reservation ensures you get to indulge in our culinary delights without delay.

Certainly! At Seng Coffee Bar, we understand the joy of pairing a good meal with a great drink. That’s why, aside from our specialty coffee, we offer an exquisite selection of red and white wines, artisanal craft beers, and specially curated cocktails. Whether you fancy a glass of wine or a light craft beer, our selection is designed to complement your brunch and elevate your dining experience.